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Due to unforeseen circumstances, this series of postings will be postponed until a later date. We thank you for your patience and hope you will find something equally as interesting to read here on the blog in the meantime.

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Education is evolving every minute of every day; it is evolving because we, as humans are evolving. We are growing up, our brains are developing and so is the technology around us.

Unfortunately, we have not invented a ray-gun to zap a language into peoples’ minds, so how can we harness the evolving technology that is around us to better our education of the English language?

For those who prefer books for teaching and not computers, think of “technology” as the latest edition of your favourite dictionary. You know that the Macmillan Dictionary from 1990 has most of todays’words listed, but there comes a time when you need to relate to your class, as books might not be their primary interest.

The following weeks of my contribution to blendedmec will hopefully give you some new and inventive ways of using technology and modern tools to your advantage in the classroom and as homework assignments.

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