Lessons broadcasted from Bollywood


Barbara Toth, English language teacher at Katedra (Hungary), writes:

Nowadays, teachers find it challenging to draw and keep students’ attention, especially while discussing grammar elements during the class.Students have become more demanding and picky in terms of what types of resources teacher use. It is mostly due to the fact that students use various ways to communicate amongst themselves.

Of course, there are loads of attractive resources that we tend to use in the class like songs or video clips. However, it can be difficult to pick out one that is new to students and raises their interest and attention at the same time. It would also be good, if it provided some entertainment and took students’ minds away from the fact that they are  studying.

Here is solution to break the routine: BombayTV

This is an amazing website which not only offers enjoyable activities, but also provides an enduring experience for students. You can find there scenes from Bollywood movies, which are usually packed with melodramatic acting. Students are quickly hooked by the extraordinary intonation and situations presented in the clips.

BombayTV gives teachers a lot of opportunities to work around nice lesson plans.

You could easily present and practice such structures as: ‘if only’ or ‘I’d’. Students could use the target language in the form of subtitles to go with the video clips.

However, the best point of the site is that you can save students’ final work and send it or  watch the film clips during a lesson. Then,you could use students’ work to organize a Bollywood Award Ceremony. You could also make recordings using the microphone option to make the task even more enjoyable for students.

Have fun and explore the opportunities of this website and enjoy it with your students!

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