Spooktober in the classroom


October is the real beginning of Autumn when days get shorter, the nights draw in, fog begins to roll across the hills and the weather turns increasingly grey and cold (here in London at least!) With all this evoking thoughts of mystery and general spookiness, we thought that this month we would take a look at ways of incorporating some thrills and chills into your lessons.

The Story Behind the Mona Lisa Heist looks into the mysterious disappearance of one of the world’s most famous works of art and shows you how you can bring news into the classroom and adapt it to your audience.

Also along the themes of crime and mystery, Pedro’s lesson plan explores ways of bringing literature into your English classes with the great example of Edgar Allan Poe’s timeless, spooky classic ‘The Tell Tale Heart’

Joanna’s idea of using Halloween Cemetery Stories encourages students to come up
with ideas using new vocabulary to scare the living daylights out of their classmates with terrifying tales of their very own – perfect for the run up to the most frightening day of the year.

All Hallow’s Eve is Nerys’ guide to making the most of atrocious activities, vile videos and scary songs to keep your little horrors entertained. And if you need to swat up on your pumpkins and trick-or-treat facts then why not take a look at Jeremy’s Halloween’s Haunted History – a great starting point for a class discussion about the significance of 31st October around the world.