Spring into action!


It’s the beginning of the spring season and (finally) the start of some good weather here at the Campus offices in London! With Easter fast approaching and Mother’s day in the UK just around the corner, it seemed only appropriate that this month we dig up some seasonal springtime resources from our archive!

The Big Egg Hunt returns to London and as Nerys shows in this blog post, there are plenty of easy ways to hatch your own egg hunt wherever you may be.

Alternatively, you could try encouraging your student to hunt for some facts about this spring festival with this topical Easter webquest on onestopenglish.
Of course if your students are still feeling as restless as the March hare, our quick quiz on this merry month might just be the answer to keep them happy.

Mum knows best, or so the saying goes. And at least at the Campus offices, it certainly seems to ring true among our Editorial team. Paying tribute to her own mother and the memory of being read to as a child, Kerstin looks at how children’s books can be used with adult language learners in this blog post.

Moving from books to apps, Jenny explores the best apps for young learners with her own daughter and shows how technology can be a great tool both for teaching and parenting!