Game on!


Keeping our students enthused as they learn English is one of the tougher challenges we face. In Macmillan English Campus, as well as the wealth of activities available via the Search tab, we have always looked to engage students with regularly updated material.

Every week we add a current news item from the Guardian Weekly, versioned at three levels. Since May of this year, we have also included scored activities with the news item. Just click on the Activity button at the end of the article.

Every month, our Word Games are republished with new texts, so there is always a fresh challenge for your students. If you haven’t already looked at the games, just click on Word Games via the Games tab at the top of the Campus screen. There are five games, all available at three language levels. Students can choose from a crossword, a word search, an odd-one-out game, a hangman-style game or a sentence-building game. Or, they can do all of them!

If your students want more word games, there are plenty of sites on the internet. Just key ‘word games’ into your browser search. One site I particularly like is east of the web. It has a range of word games that your students could play. Eight Letters is the simplest and can suit all levels. You are given eight letters and need to use them to make as many words as you can within a time limit. Switchword is similar to the board game Othello. Here, you build words one letter at a time and take over your competitor’s letters when you use them to make a word. You can also play this game against the computer. There are plenty of other games on this site – and, plenty of other sites. You might just find yourself playing the games as well!





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