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Joanna Trzmielewska, MEC Trainer, writes:



We know that images and stories help to establish and revise vocabulary and grammar. We often do storytelling with young learners, who are always very excited about the idea of listening to and creating a story. However, the question is how to bring stories into teenage and adult class, without students thinking that it is childish and silly.

The solution might be bookr.Bookr is a tool to create and share your own photobooks using bookr archive.



Go to Bookr

Search for images to use as the cover of your photobook and write a title and the author.

Turn the page and search for images and add some text.

If you want you can add some more pages by clicking on the + symbol next to the photobook.

When you have finished creating your photobook, click on Publish.

You can send the photobook by providing an email address/s.

How to use it?

●        in class activity

●        group/individual project

●        copy the url of your photobook and send it as a web link on Campus

Photobooks samples:


Haiti Tragic Earthquake


A Mini Biography of Hugh Jackman


Books by J Lanham


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