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This week London has seen the world’s fashionistas flock into town for its annual fashion week.  So how might you incorporate the festivities into your classes?  London fashion week has a great website that you can use as a jumping off point for a lesson about all things sartorial.  There are variety of things you can do with the site.  For example, you could use the image gallery to really get them to stretch their descriptive and clothing vocabulary and have them describe the various outfits to each other in pairs.
Next why not have your students use the ‘In London’ section to plan a dream weekend in the capitol.  Where would they stay, eat and shop?  As clothes are something that affects everyone to some degree you’ll probably find that your students have a lot to say on the subject. Get them to draft some fashion based questions to put to their classmates.  If you’re struggling to get the discussion started you could use the list of questions available on this site.  To inject some energy why not get your students up on their feet and mingling.  Then, they pick one question to ask each classmate until they have done the rounds with everyone in the class.Next, get them to report back on the most interesting answer they heard.  Do you have a class of fashion lovers or loathers?

To follow up MEC has a host of fashion related resources.  For a selection why not try:

Fashion show (MVA006681) In this two-part video activity, an announcer describes what models are wearing at a fashion show.

You are what you wear (MLA00334C) In this two-part listening activity you listen to a journalist from a men’s fashion magazine, CHAPS, stopping four men in the street and asking them about their self-image.

Fashion (MLA001023) In this listening activity you listen to an interview about fashions in the 60s and 70s.


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