New Year’s resolutions infographics


And here we are again, it is the beginning of January we are all fresh, positive and ready to make big changes and promises.

Below you can find an infographic on how New Year’s resolutions are made, what goes wrong and how successfully complete your goals.

How to use it with students?

I think this infographic is a great source of language exploration and practise. This infographic is great to help students work on speaking about statistics, rankings, and tendencies. There is also some space to work on conditional, Present Perfect.

Tips to increase the likelihood of succeeding

Divide students into small groups and ask them to cut down the list of tips down to five and organize them in the order of importance. Tell students they could also add one tip of their own. Students show their top list to other groups and state the reasons behind it.

Top New Year’s resolutions

Students work in the same groups, they look at the list and discuss whether they have made some of the resolutions from the list and how successful they were. Do they make the same resolutions every year, every couple of years or they are completely different. Id they don’t make the resolutions what’s the reason behind it? Is there anything that surprises them about the list?



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