Obama’s dis/approval rating: 46 is the magic number


With just under a year to go until Election Day in the United States, the New York Times reports that Barack Obama’s approval rating is at 46%. Funnily enough, his disapproval rating is also 46%. Ultimately, as many people approve of the current President of the United States as disapprove. It will be an important and influential year for Obama, who will need to get his game on in order to drive up his approval rating, and subsequently drive his disapproval rating down.

The economy will play a huge part in this battle of percentages. 49% of Americans polled blamed Congressional Republicans for America’s budgetary problems coming to a standstill, while only 29% percent blamed the president. In the same vein, six out of ten Americans say Obama is truly attempting to find a solution; the same number -six out of ten – say the Republicans are not.

So what will the next year herald for American politics? Hold a debate with your students about what would convince them to vote for Obama, or to boost his approval rating. This will get your students talking, and hopefully will get them passionate about it too!


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