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Glogster gives you a chance to challenge your students’ creative skills and knowledge when doing homework. GLOGS is an interactive online platform that enables you to create online multimedia posters with text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings, data attachments and much more!

Glogster can be adapted to any syllabus and be a regular part of it as you can make assignments on virtually any topic. It definitely shows students that learning is fun and at the same time you inspire your students and develop their presentation skills.

Once you have finished your GLOG you can share it via:

•    An Embeded code
•    Twitter
•    Facebook
•    Social networks (Blogger, WordPress, iGoogle, …)
•    Email

How to use GLOGSTER:

•    Book Reports
•    Research Reports
•    Class Projects
•    Homework
•    Distance Learning
•    Presentations on any topic
•    Create a digital knowledge library

Below you can find my Glogster


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