Say it in 1000 words!


MEC Trainer, Joanna Trzmielewska, writes:


Teachers always aim towards establishing their students’ skills to use language freely. They want students to be able to express themselves, their thoughts and personalities in the language students study. The question that often arises is how we can create a background for that in the classroom.

A Picture’s Worth is a website that collects personal photographs with stories to explain the photograph’s significance to the author. The site inspires people to bring out the meaning or story behind a personal photograph. The idea is that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

How to start using it with students:

Print some photographs and their stories. Ask students to match the stories with the photographs.

Stories are written in good English and they can serve as a real life language model for the students’ writing.


Give students the photographs only and ask them to write a story behind it in 1000 words. Next give the students the real story. They check how close their story is to the original one.

Students could try and submit their own photographs and stories to the website.

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