Slideshow storytelling


“A picture is worth a thousand words”, but what if you can add the whole slideshow, words, sentences and accompany it with music?

Your students regularly post pictures on Facebook or Twitter and comment on them, so why not take their witty commenting skills into the English class. is a great site which can help your students to work on their vocabulary, writing skills as well as develop their presentation skills in English.

It’s very easy to create an online story using and it only takes a few steps to do it.

1.    Upload photos
You can do it from any place you want

2.    Organize the order of the photos

3.    Add background music
To do it you can search for the track on Youtube

4.    Ta da!
Click “Finish” and your slideshow is ready

The very last thing to do is add captions on the slideshow

5.    You can try embedding slideshow into your blog, Facebook or posting to Twitter with the buttons provided.

Why is good to use with your students?

The site gives your students an opportunity to practise, revise vocabulary and writing in a very authentic environment and explore students’ creativity and interests in a target language.

Students can play their slideshows in the class or you can ask them to send you the link to their slideshows as part of their writing assignment.

Below you can find three examples of slideshows taken from

Around Town

The video below is a very good example of a way to revise vocabulary. Students can create a similar slideshow after a block of vocabulary themed lesson.

London sites

The example of the video below gives a fun way to practise prepositions of place. Ask your students to create a slideshow of their town, favourite city or last holiday destination focusing on prepositions of place. Alternatively, you create a similar slideshow, students watch it and draw a map on the basis of the information from the slideshow you had prepared.

Planet Quiz

You can create a similar quiz to the one below to help your students revise vocabulary or  various language points.


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