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With an estimated 2 billion people watching Prince William and Catherine Middleton say ‘I will’ why not cash in on wedding fever and have a class that elicits some colourful descriptive language and really hones the use of comparatives and superlatives. With the eyes of the world on them the wedding guests did not disappoint and amongst the 1,600 guests in Westminster Abbey some truly weird and wonderful outfits could be found. Give your students 5 minutes to brainstorm as many adjectives as they can to describe what someone is wearing.  Then stretch your students by introducing 10 of your own. An example list might be:

frumpy, dowdy, eye-catching, leaves little to the imagination, traffic-stopping,
ridiculous, attention-seeking, scandalous, figure-hugging, busy

Using the websites above for inspiration set your students the challenge of combining the new vocabulary with comparative structures to come up with as creative a sentence as possible to describe the royal wedding guests. You can award points for the funniest and most original. To kick things off put the following sentence up on the board and then let their imaginations fly!

“Princess Beatrice’s hat was more …..than….”

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  • Brilliant, both hats surely are traffic-stopping… 🙂
    If you are interested in the Royal Wedding bonanza and if you happen to be a onestopenglish subscriber, check out the new Weekly News lesson on It’s a brilliant recap of what was going on… Enjoy!

    Posted by Eva Maria Schmidt on May 13th 2011

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