21st Century Classroom


Have you ever wondered what the classrooms of the future would be like? Where will the current speed of technology innovation take education? The infographic below highlights some of the biggest changes which have already happened,  it also predicts the technological future of the classrooms. But in the whole excitement of having a peek at what direction technology is taking the educational experience, I have started thinking what item I would miss the most in the technology dominated classroom.  I think I would miss a rubber and colour page markers. What about you and your students? What would you miss the most?

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How Different Will Classrooms of The Future Be?








  • I’d miss the chalk dust from the blackboards creating a grey-white layer over the front of the classrooms (our cleaners weren’t over zealous); also, the remnants of previous lessons still visble even after being wiped off by teachers in a hurry.

    Posted by Stephen on July 25th 2012

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