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After years of speculation finally, last week, it was announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged! This week, the news was followed by announcing the date of the big day!

Below you can find two video clips; one from the engagement announcement of Diana and Prince Charles and the second from last week’s event.

You can use the videos to compare the role of media now and twenty years ago, how it has changed, what role it plays now in society, how people’s attitude has changed and their preparation to face media has developed. Additionally, you may want to compare the behaviour of the couples during both press conferences as well as their personalities and the way they speak.

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Below you can find a selection of the Macmillan English Campus activities that can accompany your lesson. You can type the resource ID (given in brackets) into the Word and Phrase Search to find the resource.
“Meet the boyfriend” (MLA003348) In this Listening Activity you listen to Sarah’s parents discussing how they feel about meeting her boyfriend.
“Women’s dating rules” (MLG003658) This language exercise practises mixed prepositions. You choose the correct preposition to complete sentences about romance.
“Have you ever been in love?” (MLG002947) This language exercise practises the present perfect with ever and never. You key in words using prompts to complete a conversation between two teenagers.
“Cupid Games” (MGA000006) Identify the potential couples and help them go on a date by matching the invitations with the correct replies. You have to be quick enough to please Cupid.
“In the news”(MWP006489) This Web Project is designed to practise Integrated Academic Skills. You look at several online news websites and think about how information is presented for different audiences.
“Boost your self-esteem” (MVA005490) This Vocabulary Activity practises collocations. You select the correct words to complete a text about how to boost your self-esteem.
“Describing people” (MLG005219) This Language Exercise practises adjective word order. You rearrange words to form sentences.
“The people in the picture” (MLG005564)This two-part Language Exercise contrasts the present simple and the present continuous. First you choose the correct form of verbs to complete sentences, then you key in verbs to complete descriptions.
Agree vs. disagree
“Agreeing to disagree” (MVA005490) You look at a list of phrases and decide which ones are phrases for disagreeing. For the second task, you identify polite phrases for disagreeing with people.


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