BombayTV 2


Some time ago we had a guest blogger Barbara Toth from Hungary who wrote about BombayTV. It is a site where you can find scenes from Bollywood movies, which are usually packed with melodramatic acting. You can type in the subtitles for the movie scenes provided as well as record them! Then, you can save the final work and send it or watch the film clips during a lesson.

There is also BombayTV2 which gives you more freedom to make your very own Bollywood movie and it couldn’t be easier!

1.    You select the scenes.
2.    Drag and drop them into cells provided, before doing that you can also preview the scenes.
3.    Edit subtitles by clicking the text on the movie.
4.    You can see the final work and make changes.
5.    Once you are happy with your very own movie click on Next.
6.    Provide your name, email and the email address of the people you want to send it to.

Bombay TV is a brilliant way to engage your students with writing and encourage them to experiment with the language they are studying.



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