Fasten Seat Belts! We are taking you on a cultural ride.


How do you pay the driver in a crowded bus? Play the video below to find out how they do it in Turkey.

Fasten Seat Belts is a site that gives you snippets of information about culture in Europe and Asia. Did you know for example that it’s rude to write in red ink in Portugal? Or, that there are more saunas than cars in Finland?

Here are some ideas for using this site and some English Campus resources to go with it:

–    Use the first Fasten Seat Belts video about Turkey as an intro to this English Campus resource ‘How do you get to work?’ This is an Elementary listening resource asking different people in Turkey how they get to work. When the students have completed the resource, you could ask them to interview each other using the questions from the resource.

–    Base your lesson around Finland. Ask your students what they know about Finland, perhaps try to elicit the word sauna. You could then use the Fasten Seat Belt sauna video and English Campus resource ‘The northern lights’. This is a high level academic English resource but there’s no reason why you can’t use it with general English students. At the end of this text we find out what Finland used to call the auroras and the myth behind it.

Here are some other English Campus resources related to countries and culture you could use:

–    In another country
–    Lucky charms
–    The most multicultural city in the world
–    Festivals around the world

I found this site through a blog called freetech4teachers, cheers!


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