Getting into the Olympic spirit


This week London celebrated it being one year until the start of the Olympic games.  With Olympic coverage being watched all over the world, the games can make an excellent basis for a classroom activity.  For authentic listening material you could try the following video which compiles clips of athletes talking about the upcoming games.  The video is great for exposing your students to a wide variety of accents.

On the first listen through ask your students to list the different countries and sports that are mentioned.  As a follow up, you could get your students to brainstorm as many Olympic sports as they can to add to the list.  For a full list visit-

Play the video again and ask your students to listen out this time for;
1.    What do the athletes say competing in London means for them?
2.    What are people looking forward to doing when they visit London?

Then put the same question to your students; what does their country participating in the Olympics mean for them?


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