Going viral in the classroom


A fun way to bring online learning to your classroom is to make use of the internet’s vast array of funny videos.  You can combine these fun resources with the language focus of making predictions.
Get your students talking by putting them in pairs then showing them the beginning of the videos.  Pause the video and then ask; what happens next?  If your students have seen the videos before, it’s still a great chance for them to practise some new vocabulary as they discuss together what is about to happen.  There are of course thousands of these videos but a selection might be:

Sneezing panda (pause at 9 seconds)

Monkey teasing tigers (pause at 25 seconds)

Panda escape (pause right at the start)

Cat on iPad (pause at 20 seconds)

Cat eating with fork (pause at 15 seconds)

For a fun finish get your students in their pairs to pick one of the clips and then write the ‘script’ for it in the voice of the animal.  Round the class off by having any budding actors in your class perform the scripts to their classmates.

For homework these future focused MEC exercises make a great follow up-

“Future tenses”: A language activity that looks at a variety of future tenses.

“Our future environment”: A listening activity that discusses predictions for the environment in the future.

“Learning English”: A listening exercise that looks at learning English in the future.


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