Lady Gaga hits the university


In our competitive world, universities and colleges fight for students and the best way to win the battle is to offer attractive and exciting courses. The University of South Carolina has decided to offer its students, starting from the next semester, a sociology class in Lady Gaga. In the past there were courses on music icons Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and The Beatles and now the time has come for Lady Gaga analysis.

Below you can find a video with the lecturer who came up with the idea and a video clip with a short discussion in the CNN studio.

More articles:
BBC News
MTV News

How to use it with students:

Group discussion:
Fame and its status nowadays around the world
What makes a person an icon these days?
Should students’ fees cover courses on celebrities?
What would you change about lectures?

Students work in small groups and prepare a fictional course to offer in their university. They present their ideas and try to convince the others to attend their courses. Alternatively, all groups put together their courses ideas and working together create the top 5 courses.

There are some relevant MEC activities listed below. You can type the resource ID (given in brackets) into the Word and Phrase Search to find that resource.

“universities around the world” (MWP006294)- Web Project
“music and personality” (MLG006334)- Language Activity
“higher education in the United States today” (MVA006287)- Vocabulary Activity
“what is culture?giving explanations” (MSE006284)- Sample Essay
“do lectures work?planning a discursive essay” (MSE006275) – Sample Essay
“which course is for me?” (MLG006297) – Language Activity
“why go to lectures?”(MLA006304)- Listening Activity



  • There is also McDonalds coming from around the corner:

    Posted by Joanna on November 25th 2010
  • Harrods has recently started offering honours degrees in sales to staff, too – see last week’s news item “Free education offered to Harrods employees”.

    Posted by Eva on November 25th 2010

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