Make your own video!


MEC Trainer, Joanna Trzmielewska, writes:

Zimmer Twins is a site where your teenage students could use their imagination and create their very own movies. Before making your own movie you can watch movies that have already been made by other users. You could treat it as a source of inspiration for your students and yourself.

You can slowly introduce your students to making a movie. As a first step in creating movies, in the tab Make a Movie, you can come up with the ending of a movie that has been started. Then, you could watch an instructor video on how to make your very own movie from scratch. When you make a movie, you can choose from four types of animated clips, you can make the characters talk, yell or sing, using the movement clip you can put your characters into action. Close-up clips give your characters various emotions. The star clip gives you a chance to do fun things.

Now you are ready to make your very own movie!

Why is Zimmer Twins good?

It stirs students’ imagination and encourages them to use the language to the extent that they can and want to. It is a great opportunity, especially for teenagers, to express themselves in a foreign language.The site is moderated daily and has various filters in place to make sure the content that is being posted there is appropriate for viewers of all ages.


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