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If you like using video in your lessons to help students with listening comprehension tasks, then you’re going to really like this:
It’s animation (well, more of a really big drawing) of an abridged version of this presentation:

and they are both entitled The secret powers of time.

The oroginal speech is on Youtube and is a recording of an interesting presentation, made at the  Royal Society of Arts (RSA) by Professor Philip Zimbardo, about how our individual perspective on time affects our work, health and well-being. It’s interesting but it’s 47 minutes long and takes the usual presentation format. The animated version is available on It’s only ten minutes long and each idea, and almost every word, is explained, as the presenter speaks, by a huge picture drawn by one of the talented artists at the RSA . The drawing process has been somewhat sped up to fit with the speech, of course.

This is a great way for advanced students to really hone their English and have a great time learning about really fascinating topics. You might enjoy watching them too!

And if you liked that, you might also enjoy these:

Having interesting visuals as well as a lot of the key words written out really helps students. You might want to start by asking your students to listen for gist and write as many notes as the can, then show the video and get them to note down more information using the visuals to help them.
As a follow up activity why not get students to write their own presentation on a topic that interests them or something you’ve recently covered in class. If they work in groups then some can have fun doing their own humorous animations while anyone who thinks they can’t draw can write the captions. Whoever likes public speaking can present the topic to the class. Something for everyone!



  • great !

    Posted by mazarie on December 22nd 2010
  • love it! I’m going to try it tomorrow

    Posted by Jayne Millard on February 02nd 2011
  • Great to hear you like it Jayne. Let us know how the lesson went. Good luck!

    Posted by Joanna on February 03rd 2011

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