Storm your classes with movies!


MEC Trainer, Joanna Trzmielewska, writes:

Get your students to use their creativity while improving their English. The way to do it might be a website where you can make an entire movie from scratch. You choose the characters, their costumes, how they move, the setting, lighting and most importantantly what they say! You simply type in and record your characters lines. When you are happy with everything you save the movie and you can upload it to any website. However, you can always go back to the movie and change a few bits here and there.

It is very simple to make the movie, please click here to watch the tutorial video.You might also be interested in how to record speaking, just click here.


How to use it with students:

You can practise prepositions of movement.

You can introduce and practise clothes vocabulary and various items.

You can use the movie as project work at the end of a block of lessons about entertainment. 

You can introduce and practise various grammar points.


  • You can practise prepositions of movement.

    Posted by antitsell on April 11th 2010

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