Take your students on a virtual field trip


Who doesn’t love Google Street View? I’m terrible at reading maps, and never go somewhere new without walking the walk through Street View first! And now you can be a virtual tourist, venturing inside some of the buildings you walk past with the Google Art Project.

The Google Art Project is a fantastic website that allows you to ‘walk around’ 46 museums all around the world, and examine the artworks of hundreds of other museums and art galleries.

By applying their ‘street view’ technology to these museums, Google allows people to be virtual tourists, exploring these amazing buildings and viewing the phenomenal items within them. Over 30,000 items are contained within the Google Art Project, and you can view these on their own with a zoom tool as well, in minute detail. It’s a fantastic initiative, meaning you can see the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi whether you’re in Venezuela or Edinburgh.

There are some great ideas for bringing the Google Art Project into the classroom. You could ask your students to each describe a picture or artefact to test their adjectives and sentence structure, or you could plan a virtual visit to a museum or gallery of their choosing, and ask them to direct each other to a certain room or area of the building using the maps of the museums that Google provides.

There are also some great art-based activities on the Macmillan English Campus. The web projects ‘Art galleries online’ (ID MWP013000) and ‘The Metropolitan Museum of Art’ (MWP013206) ask your students to do some independent research, while the vocabulary activity ‘What kind of paintings are they’ (MVA010993) will test your students’ artistic knowledge!

Finally, if you are going to use the Google Art Project with your class, you should definitely show them this fantastic video, which shows the making of the project behind the scenes!






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