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MEC and onestopenglish assistant, Giulia Merlo, writes:

TED is a non-profit project started in 1984 to bring together the best ideas from all over the world, on any subject. Today, it is a global community, which includes various conferences, an annual prize, and the website TED Talks.

TED Talks, which is very popular in the blogosphere, offers you the videos of all the best talks from TED’s conferences, all for free.

The talks focus on many different fields of knowledge, from technology and science to entertainment and design. They are various lengths, from a few minutes to more than an hour; you can search them by subject, popularity, speaker, theme, or through a simple alphabetical list of content tags.

TED provides a fantastic way to engage your students and to improve their listening skills, and it can also be used to provide them with starting points for oral or written tasks. All the talks can be watched with closed captions in English, as well as having a full transcript; many of them also have subtitles in other languages that can help students at lower levels.

You can share the TED videos via email or on your website, save them on your desktop, add them to a social network page – and, of course, you can publish them on your Campus Web Links.

Below you can find two examples of talks; the first one is only about six minutes long, and it reveals the key to a successful life.

The second one lasts about twenty minutes, and it focuses on the secret of happiness.

Finally, if you would like to share ideas on how TED can used in the classroom, you can visit Teaching with TED, a new wiki where you will find additional resources and activities on several talks – and you will also be able to add your own suggestions.


  • The last Macmillan’s In Company e-lesson is on TED.com You can download it free if you subscribe. Enjoy!

    Posted by Pete Sharma on November 04th 2009

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