The great toy debate


Watching this feat with 60,000 dominos by Flippycat got me thinking about our most loved children’s toys.

Favourite childhood toys are a topic that unites young and adult learners, with the former able to talk about their current favourites and the latter able to reminisce about the fads that dominated their youth.

This neat slideshare by Hunter Thomson and Jay Moneta shows what some of the most popular toys have been for each decade from the 50s to present day, can your students predict what might appear? For the more competitive of classes you could put them in teams and give them a point for each toy they came up with that made the list.

Carry on the toy theme with a discussion, you could use these questions or add any others that you can think of:

 1)      What do you think makes a toy become a best-seller?

2)       How have children’s toys evolved over the last 50 years?

3)      Do you think any toys currently popular will be played with in 50 years time?

4)      Are there any toys that you would ban a child from playing with?

5)      What were your favourite toys as a child?

If you feel like getting craftsy with your class, you can get them to make sock puppets, putting their ability to follow instructions in English to the test.

There are a host of resources on Macmillan English Campus in keeping with this theme, some that you might try are:

PC games In this vocabulary activity you practise idioms. You match idioms taken from a text about PC games with their definitions.

Why video games are so popular This language exercise practises a variety of discourse markers for contrasting ideas, adding similar information and drawing conclusions. You select the correct phrase to complete a text about video games.

Today’s toddlers know technology This news item is about how new technology is a part of children’s lives today and how it may affect them.



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