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Let your students be the judge!

This Saturday sees the final of the TV phenomenon that’s got the UK hooked, X factor.  After surviving weeks of elimination rounds singing live in front of the nation this weekend the final 4 contestants will compete for the last time in an attempt to win a £1m recording contract.  Last year’s final attracted over 15 million viewers which means that a quarter of the 60 million people that live in the UK tuned in to see the winner crowned.

You can make use of the global success of this show to get students to practise the language of giving opinions or advice in a fun way.

To warm up ask them if they have X factor in their country or if they have heard of the show.  What do they think of the influence that the show has on the music scene?  Do they think of it as a positive or negative force? Get them to defend their position.

Introduce the contestants with the 4 pictures and then get students to predict based on the photo what their music style is (e.g. pop, jazz, rock).  Next tell your students that they are going to get the chance to be X-factor judges.

Show them the 4 clips pausing each before the judge’s comments.  Get students in pairs to come up with an evaluation of the performance and what advice they would give the contestant in order to succeed in the music industry.

For high level classes you can then play the judge’s comments- did they agree with your students?

Cher Lloyd

One Direction

Rebecca Ferguson

Matt Cardle

Finally, who do they think will win? Tune in to blendedmec next week for the result!

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