Video bank!


MEC Trainer, Joanna Trzmielewska, writes:

There is no question that using videos during a class makes the lessons more interesting and engaging. However, it can be problematic finding good and authentic videos. If we want to engage our students it is best when the videos are similar to what our students tend to watch in their free time.

Metacafe is an independent video site which contains short videos. You can find Movie trailers, Music videos, TV clips, Sports highlights or Video games. The average video on the site is just over 90 seconds long, which means it is just right to make it a part of your lesson.

Please find below a taste of what you can find on Metacafe:

Movie trailer


TV clips

Play a video but cover the screen. Students write down what they hear and compare in pairs. You can do a similar activity with the screen on, but without the sound.

Hit pause when a character has an interesting expression on his/her face or is about to react/answer a question.

Student A is watching a video, Student B closes his/her eyes. Student A is describing what is happening.

Stop the video in the middle of the sentence and students have to finish it.

Have fun!


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