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I must admit that I have been hooked on video games relatively late in my life, in my late twenties. However, since then whenever I’m out and about I have in a bag my portable games console with a selection of games. When I started my adventure with video games I remembered some of my students who were telling me about their favourites. When I looked back they were the students with an amazing range of vocabulary, very good narrative skills and a good attention span. They were very motivated to learn vocabulary and understand the instructions as it would help them to score points, go level up and simply succeed.

When I play video games I sometimes wonder how useful they are for language learners. For example, I think that the Professor Layton series, focused on solving puzzles and discovering hidden content, is great to work on reading and following instructions. The other day I was playing Spelunky as part of a team on a quest and we needed to communicate and tell each other what to do next and I thought there is quite a lot of language and skills development potential in it.

Below you can find a very interesting infographic which outlines in details how helpful games can be in education. Are you using video games with your students? What are they? If you don’t would you consider starting? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

How Video Games Use Education and Learning Elements

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