Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition


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Are you looking for real-life incentives for higher level university students?

The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition might have what you are looking for. On this website you can find plenty of authentic news articles and videos for college students.

There is also a comprehensive online teaching guide for the previous issues of the journal. This guide provides lots of comprehension questions and discussion ideas. Links to thematically related articles in the Wall Street Journal are also included for extra reading. You can find the online teaching guide for May 2010 here.

How to use the Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition?

You could use the material on the site perfectly for an upper-intermediate or advanced lesson about college education in the United States.

Your students could read this article written by a soon to be graduate, and find out about the student experience in the . You could follow up the reading exercise with a discussion about university life. Your learners will naturally compare the author’s experience to their own schooling experience, and you could then go on discussing different educational systems.

If you would like your students to find out more about what the ”dean of admissions” mentioned in the article does for a living, you could link to this video feature about college admission processes in the States. Having watched a panel of college admission officers discuss the crucial points they are looking for in an applicant, you could ask your students to write their own college application.

You could use a short video taken from the Gilmore Girls as an ice breaker for this lesson. Gilmore Girls is a popular US series following a teen, Rory, through her high school and university career. There is a short clip on YouTube showing Rory’s graduation ceremony at Yale. Some of your students might know the series – and I’m sure everybody will be eager to find out more about the education system behind this particular graduation moment.

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