Wedding fever


This week sees the release of the hotly anticipated comedy Bridesmaids about the lead up to a wedding that goes anything but smoothly.  You can watch the trailer with your class here-

Get your students to discuss in pairs the best wedding that they have attended- what made it so special?  Ask them to brainstorm typical questions you ask to get to know people that you are meeting for the fist time then for a fun speaking activity play ‘Bond’s wedding’.  Tell your class they are all spies at the wedding of the most famous spy of all, James Bond.  Teach them the meaning of the words ‘mingle’ and ‘small talk’ and then inject some energy into your class by putting some music on and getting your students up on their feet.  Tell them that their goal is to speak to as many people as possible, but that for every new person that they speak to they must invent a whole new identify.

Feedback as a class at the end- Who did they meet?  Who was the most inventive with their identities? Finally as a treat to finish off show them the clip of a wedding that didn’t go at all well.  Pause it halfway through; Can they predict what happens next? Were they right?!


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