What’s your phone got to do with Adrian Underhill?


A lot!

Macmillan launched a glorious new app to help students, teachers and teacher trainees practise everything related to pronouncing the sounds of English. Watch Joanna firing questions at Matt Kay about Macmillan’s new and brilliant Sounds app:

With the Sounds app you have phonetic sounds and example words literally at your finger tips. Just tap on one of the phonetic symbols displayed in Adrian Underhill’s chart on your phone, and listen to the sound. You can also listen to example words by holding the button down. The example words appear at the top of the screen, so students can easily check the spelling.

Why not take your phone to class and play a game?
Press a button and ask your students to note down as many sample words of their own as possible in 1 minute, all with the sound they just heard.

The advanced version for students familiar with the phonetic chart is to reverse the game – you (or the app) say the word, and they note down the phonetic spelling. Tough, but possible – with a bit of practice using the sounds app!

You can download the free version from www.soundspronapp.com. The Premium version with lots of extra practice material will be launched very soon.



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