Is a Mexican standoff double dutch to you?


Is a Mexican standoff double dutch to you?

What does it mean to ‘leave in an English way’?  Well if you’re from Poland it’s to leave without saying goodbye!  Funnily enough the English have the same expression, although not about themselves of course.  Instead this kind of abrupt exit is known as ‘to take French leave.’  So what other idioms to do with nationality are popular in England?  Are you familiar with…

To go Dutch– to split the bill in a restaurant between everyone who ate together.

Dutch courage– drinking a little alcohol to give you confidence before you have to do something.

It’s all Greek to me– used when something is totally incomprehensible to the speaker.

Pardon my French– used to apologize usually before, or after, swearing.

Double dutch– Something impossible to understand or a type of skipping (see the video here).

Mexican standoff– when there is a deadlock and neither side can do anything to ensure victory.

Indian summer– period of warmer weather in late autumn.