Royal round-up


Royal round-up

The British royal family, the Windsors, are perhaps the most famous and instantly recognisable in the world. Queen Elizabeth the second has reigned for 59 years and is second only to the King of Thailand as the world’s longest serving head of state. During this time the queen has seen 10 different prime ministers in power all of whom she has held a regular Tuesday evening audience with.

Famed for a devotion to her beloved corgi dogs the Queen has had over 30 during her reign. Aside from her own animals the Queen has also received gifts including jaguars, sloths and beavers which she has placed in the care of London Zoo.

The royal family made front page news all over the world in 1997 when tragedy struck and Princess Diana, the ex-wife of Prince Charles the future king of England, was killed in a car accident in Paris. The accident provoked a national and international outpouring of grief on an unprecedented scale. Her good friend Elton John rewrote one of his earlier hits as a tribute to Diana which he sang live at her funeral.She addresses the nation once a year in her Christmas Day speech and sends a letter to her subjects when they turn 100 or reach their 60th wedding anniversary.

This version of Candle in the Wind reached number 1 in several countries and become according to The Guinness Book of Records the biggest-selling single since records began.

The family are currently enjoying happier times with the Queen’s grandson and the second in line to the throne, due to get married to his long-term girlfriend, Kate Middleton, on April the 29th with his younger brother Harry as best man. The day has been declared a national holiday and media interest in the couple is at an all-time high with newspapers speculating daily about details of the upcoming nuptials.

The day has spawned a wealth of commemorative material from the typical mugs and plates to the more ‘creative’ fridges and sickbags!