MEC, Joanna Trzmielewska, writes:



BrainPOP ESL offers English learning content: vocabulary and grammar in level appropriate modules. Each module is made of an animated, three-part movie, composed of a story, an introduction to the new vocabulary, and an illustration of the relevant grammar topics. Students are walked though the content by two characters; Ben and his robot pal Moby.

BrainPOP ESL is great supplementary material that you can use with your young learners.

You may want to send a link to BrainPOP ESL using Web Links on MEC and ask your students to watch a video and then do the practical part in the class. Also, you may ask the students to do a vocabulary activity and save the problematic words in their Word Lists with the definitions found on the Macmillan English Dictionary Online. However, you may also use a story or a video from BrainPOP ESL as an in-class tool.

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